Send WhatsApp Messages without Adding To Contact List

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. While being user-friendly, it has certain drawbacks. As simple as it may sound, there is no official way to send WhatsApp messages to numbers that have not been stored in the contact list.

Normally, you have to add a new contact to the phone contact list and then open WhatsApp so that you can start a conversation with the contact. In the best-case situation, it should just take a few seconds for your app to sync, but occasionally it may take considerably longer. 

In this article we cover 2 different ways in which you can start a conversation with the user without adding them to the contact list.

Using link

You may publicly publish your personalized link using the short URL so that others can communicate with you on WhatsApp with only one click. These shortened URLs are often used on websites and online shops, but you may easily modify them for your specific needs. Here's how to utilize it on WhatsApp to communicate with someone not on your contact:

  • Launch a browser on your smartphone or computer and input the following address into the address bar:
  • Change "ccc" to the recipient's country code (which is required) and "xxxxxxxxxx" to their phone number. For this link string to function, do not include the plus sign or any other modifiers like dashes or brackets. You may save this fast link to your bookmarks for later access. If you wish to send a message to +91980000010, for example, the URL will be The person's cellphone number is preceded by the country code for India (91). 
  • Once you arrive at this URL, WhatsApp will prompt you to select the Continue to Chat option, which will take you to the WhatsApp software that is downloaded to your device or pc.

Chat window when opening chat with unknown user.

  • A conversation window will appear, where you may begin sending messages as normal. The software will notify you with a pop-up message if the phone number isn't listed on WhatsApp.
Unknown user chat window.

Using Chrome Extension

This tool serves as a WhatsApp sender, engagement, marketing, and automation tool for WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp CRM is called WARocket Sender.

How can it be used?

  • Go to to install the extension.
  • Install the Chrome extension. It will appear on your screen's top right side after a successful installation.
  • On installation, you will be automatically taken to the WhatsApp Web on the desktop. 
  • Click on sender on the top left. See arrow in the screenshot.
The image shows the location of the Sender button.
  • This will open a popup. Here you can add the phone number and message.
The image shows the view of the WARocket popup.
  • Click ‘Send WhatsApp’ now to send the message to the contact.
Open WARocket and add a message and phone number and click Send WhatsApp button.

The WARocket tool may be used for more than just delivering WhatsApp messages to contacts who haven't been saved. Additionally, it can be used to blur out specific portions of messages locally, highlight unread messages, add frequently used strings to the WhatsApp text box, download reports, send messages to a list of recipients, attach files or images to messages, send messages from a CSV file, modify messages with variables uploaded from a CSV file, send the same message to multiple recipients, delete reports, and a lot more.

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