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WhatsApp Sender and Engagement Tool.

4.8/5 rating on Chrome Store

Getting started

Step 1: Download extension
Download the extension from here.
Step 2: Go to WhatsApp Web
Once you install the extension, go to WhatsApp Web:

That is pretty much it. Your message sender is now live.
WhatsApp Sender Explanation
All in one


Have features that help you improve privacy and engagement with customers. Make sending easy.
Blur view
Protect your WhatsApp account from prying eyes.
Highlight unread
Highlight unread messages right on WhatsApp.
Quick chat
Add commonly used string when sending messages.
Customize messages
Customize messages to your customers. WA sender will send personalized messages.
Many more...
Check out our other features included in our WhatsApp sender tool.

What our users are saying

It's safe and very easy to use.
It's safe and very easy to use.Thank you for building this tool for us.Keep it up.
Virat L.
Chrome Store Review
Great extension, very easy...
Just downd, you are going to like it, it is super amazing.
The Immovable
Chrome Store Review
Easy to use.
Easy to use. Smart Integration. Fast sending...
Thank you for this wonderful extension!
Chrome Store Review
Really love this extension!!!
Really love this extension!!! Easy to use and very very very helpful! Thank you!
Nurul I. K.
Chrome Store Review
Es una herramienta GENIAL!!
Es una herramienta GENIAL!! realmente muy contento y cabe destacar el servicio de soporte es impecable
Esteban F.
Chrome Store Review
Ferramenta muito boa e util
Ferramenta muito boa e util, simples de manuseio. Suporte maravilhoso e super atencioso. Tomara que futuramente exista atualizacoes para mais idiomas.
Maiara Sofia
Chrome Store Review
Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Click here to download the extension: Link

You can check out this video on how to use the extension:
How can I view my license?
You can view your license here.
Is the license per system or number?
The license is per system (or browser session). The extension does not look at the number of phone numbers used in that system. With power user account you have unlimited messages per day.

You can also transfer the license if you choose.
How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription. Go to

There click on the 'Account Information' button on the top right. Then on the popup click 'Membership'. There on your membership, click cancel.

This will cancel your subscription at the end of the billing cycle.

This video shows how to unsubscribe:

How can I use this tool?
Use this tool more as a customer engagement tool. You cannot use this tool as a spamming tool.

This video is a good getting started guide:
Are we related to WhatsApp?
We are in no way related or associated with WhatsApp. This is an independent productivity tool.
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