How Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets?

In this guide article, we will show you how to send WhatsApp messages from Google Sheets.

Getting started

To send WhatsApp Messages through Google Sheet, you just need the Chrome extension installed on your Chrome browser.

To do this, just go to, and click the Install Chrome Extension button. 

This screenshot shows the homepage.

After successful installation, go to your WhatsApp web by visiting Click the Sender button on the top left corner of the page to open the pane. This will be shown on the right hand side of your WhatsApp Web which can be used in sending messages.

The screenshot above shows where you need to click to open the panel.

Let’s now prepare the Google Sheet file to be uploaded via Chrome extension. Head to, and create a blank sheet to create a new file. After which, a new Google Sheets spreadsheet will be opened.

The screenshot above shows Google Sheet.

Create the Phone Number and Name column, as the list of the people you want to send WhatsApp messages to. Have shown a sample below.

The screenshot above shows a sample Google Sheet.

After filling out the sheet, click File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.CSV). This will download the file of phone numbers and names in .CSV format.

The screenshot above shows how you can export a CSV file.

The same file preparation can also be done through Microsoft Excel. Check out this related article for more details.

Send the WhatsApp Messages through After preparing the file, go back to, click the Sender button to open the pane. Click the Upload CSV button.

The screenshot above shows the upload CSV option.

Select the file you downloaded, and map the numbers column where the contact details will be based from. You can also verify the imported list of phone numbers on the Phone Numbers section.

The gif above shows how you can import the file you exported from Google Sheet previously.

Create the message in Message fields and when all are set, click Send WhatsApp

The screenshot above shows a pane that is ready for sending.

With its powerful and customizable WhatsApp messaging features, you can send announcements, events, and even use this for marketing and customer service needs of our business.

This will send the WhatsApp message to each phone number across the contact list you uploaded via the .CSV file.

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Even when you don’t have MS Excel installed on your computer, you can still use the Upload CSV feature of with Google Sheets. All you need is your Chrome browser, and an internet connection.

Wanna know more? Check out our guide about how to send WhatsApp from Microsoft Excel. You can also check out this article about how to send WhatsApp from a CSV file.

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